About Betach Laboratories  

Betach (Pty) Ltd, established in 2006, operates modern laboratories fully equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment. We specialize in chemical, biochemical and microbiological analysis of various samples including water, effluent, sewage, soil, pesticides, oil, food and other industrial samples. Betach is also involved in scientific research and have been instrumental in finding solutions for various industries. We have the capability and capacity to produce fast and accurate results to enable organizations and institutions to react in the shortest possible time as required.

Betach Laboratories are positioned to serve the Southern African region. Our laboratories are located in Botswana and we also have offices in Zimbabwe.

Betach Laboratories are registered with BOBS National Quality Proficiency Testing Scheme where we have consistently excelled in the inter-lab proficiencies. We use ISO certified equipment and the latest proven and advanced technologies in scientific analysis to ensure accuracy and speed of delivery. Our methods comply with international standards.

Betach prides itself in a team of highly competent staff with several years' experience in research and analytical work in the Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Tribology fields.

Mrs. Jacquiline Mbada
Managing Director
Betach has a unique positioning where it enjoys partnerships and working relationships with several regional research institutions and universities for collaboration, sharing and exchange of information and technologies. Our current customer base includes some major mining companies, earthmoving equipment repair companies, local government departments, city, town and village councils, consulting companies, restaurants, canteens and hospitals among others.

Vision, Mission and Values

To be the global leading laboratory of choice; simply the best in analytical and research work!
We are a best-practice organization offering world-class chemical and micro-biological laboratory analytical testing and research services. We offer our services in a prompt and professional way to all our valued customers. We value our employees and believe that they are our source of excellence.
Corporate Governance and Ethics
Respect for self and for others
We fear God

We strive to offer excellent services in an honest and transparent way at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Betach believes in supporting and ploughing back in the communities that we exist in. We actively participate in supporting to the needy schools, the elderly and the local churches in the areas that we operate.
We strive to recruit, train and develop locals in the countries we operate. We have success stories of employees we recruited without any science background and took them through our rigorous in-house training programmes and supported them to join professional training institutions and in the process developed dedicated, capable and excellent employees. We also support young aspiring science students with attachments for them to gain in-lab practical experience.


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